Who is this person running for Council?

To the Editor:

Just got my weekly Morrison County Record, and noticed an ad on the front page, coming from Robin Hensel, who is running for Ward 1 on the Little Falls City Council.

Is this the same person who caused the ruckus on the Little Falls sign policy? It’s so screwed up, I bet the citizens who framed it don’t know how to interpret it.


Forcing patriots to take down the “We Support Our Troops” sign? Is this the “peace-nik” who sadly doesn’t realize sometimes it takes military might to justifiably help your fellow man?

Is this the person who disrupted the policy of allowing people to protect their valuable property overnight during the Antique Show during the Arts and Crafts event?

Is this the person who complained their mode of income is being hampered by their acts? Jeepers, I can’t imagine why.

Vote for this person? — Ron Green, Little Falls