Young brothers find Oktoberfest button after just three clues

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer 

Lloyd Boeder of Hartmann’s Hardware Hank in Pierz, left, presented Dustin, 9, and Braden, 6, with the $500 Pierz Bucks they won for finding the Oktoberfest medallion. The medallion was found by a shrub in Billig Park inside of a mint candy container. The two boys are the sons of Chad and Terry Przybilla of Pierz.

Dustin, 9, and Braden, 6, have already spent part of their winnings for finding the Pierz Oktoberfest Medallion Tuesday. The boys are the sons of Chad and Terri Przybilla of Pierz

Both boys took a portion of their winnings to purchase Pierz Pioneer shirts and a toy.

Dustin’s choice was a remote-controlled tow truck and Braden chose a hunting set which includes a cabin.

Dustin said, “Tuesday was our first day of looking. The clues helped us find it. It was by the fire hall in Billig Park in a shrub.”

“When we found it I shouted ‘Oh my God we found it,’ I was so excited,” said Dustin.

“So was I,” said Braden.

While looking for the medallion, Dustin did say he had played a trick on his brother twice by placing his own button down and telling Braden he had just found it. “He really believed me,” said Dustin.

Dustin, who will be in the fourth grade this year and Braden, who will be in the first grade were with their grandmother Audrey Becker when they found the medallion. Both boys attend Pierz Pioneer Elementary.

She said, “It was fun to see how excited they were when they found it.”

Mom Terri, who works at the Old Bank Restaurant, said, “I am so proud of them. I did not even know they were looking for the medallion. They came in here to tell me and I could not understand them. They kept saying ‘we found the button’ and I kept asking, “What button?”

The boys have already decided what they want to do with the rest of their Pierz Bucks. “Buy more toys,” they said.

Mom said, “We will monitor what they spend it on but it is theirs.”

The boys did agree they wanted to purchase some of Thielen’s Meats summer sausage and since the family enjoys fishing together they will purchase some leeches for a trip planned for Red Lake.