Morrison County wraps up many road projects

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer 

The Morrison County Commissioners approved certificates of completion for more than a dozen road and construction projects Tuesday.

Two projects started in 2011 were carried over to this year because of excessive rain which caused wet working conditions in early summer last year. The state shutdown was also a factor. These projects are: the Morrison County maintenance building in Randall and the widening, culvert tapers, milling and bituminous surface of County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 37 from CSAH 26 to CSAH 39.

Projects started this year and now completed include: concrete deck overlay of bridge 49512 in the city of Royalton; culvert tapers for County Road (CR) 240; bituminous overlay of CR 240 from Minnesota Trunk Highway 25 to CSAH 37; bituminous overlay of CR 242 from CSAH 37 to one-quarter mile south of CSAH 26; bituminous overlay of CR 274 from CR 276 in Harding to CSAH 51; culvert tapers for CSAH 2; culvert tapers for CSAH 5; bituminous mill and resurfacing of CSAH 5 from Burlington Northern San Francisco (BNSF) Railroad to CR 285; culvert liners for CSAH 16; culvert tapers for CSAH 18 and bituminous overlay of CSAH 28 from U. S. Highway 10 to CSAH 11.

“It is nice to be completing these projects,” said Steve Backowski, Public Works Department head.

Morrison County Commissioners Briefs

Other business that came before the Morrison County Commissioners Tuesday included:

• Approving a resolution indicating the county’s interest in participating in the Toward Zero Deaths enforcement grant awarded to the Morrison County Sheriff, Little Falls, Pierz and Royalton police departments in the amount of $28,644. The Morrison County Sheriff’s Department is the lead agency. The funds will be used to pay overtime for officers to do targeted patrols during the year;

• Learning that the Sheriff’s Department purchased a $16,500 boat from Staples Sports in Cushing for $94.45. After applying for a Federal Boating Safety Equipment Grant for several years, this year the grant was awarded for $14,500 dollars. The grant dollars combined with the trade-in of the department’s 16-year-old boat meant that only $94.45 was needed for the purchase of the boat;

• Approving gambling permits for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association for a Sept. 29 raffle at the Falls Ballroom; Roll With It for an Oct. 2 fundraiser at LeBlanc’s Rice Creek and the Hillman Area Whitetail Management Association for a Dec. 1 raffle at Brother’s Porky Pine Bar and Grill;

• Approving the waiving of notice to establish a new tax increment financing (TIF) district in Royalton because of the short construction season to build a new facility by Dubbin Motorsports Products (DMP) for Pro Series Awnings;

• Approving the renewal of a two-year lease for the Boys and Girls Club. “We are working very diligently to find a larger space,” said Boys and Girls Club Board President Bernie Jeub. “We appreciate your generosity;” and

• Approving Parks and Trails Resolution III, which stated that the Morrison County Board believes that the current Parks and Trails Legacy funding is unfair to Greater Minnesota, since the metro area receives 43 percent, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) receives 37 percent and greater Minnesota receives only 20 percent. “Legacy funding should be increased so that each entity receives an equal one-third share,” said Commissioner Don Meyer.

The next regularly scheduled Morrison County Commissioners Board meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 9 a.m. in the board room of the Morrison County Government Center in Little Falls.