DFL candidates deceiving voters

To the Editor:

Don’t be deceived by our local DFL endorsed candidates, Al Doty and Adrian Welle. It seems their pro-life rhetoric has successfully confused some people as to which political party is pro-life (GOP) and and which is pro-abortion (DFL). Here are the facts:

The Minnesota DFL Party Platform clearly states under their “Civil, Human and Constitutional Rights” section that the DFL party opposes any attempt to restrict abortions. Also, under the Health and Human Services section of the DFL platform, they clearly state that the DFL Party supports public funding for health care programs that include “abortions, regardless of age or income.” This information is readily available to anyone with an Internet connection.

When Doty and Welle accepted the endorsement of the DFL Party, they also pledged to support the above referenced platform of the DFL Party. They are pledged on their honor to be pro-abortion, yet they are running around the county telling voters that they are “pro-life.” My question for Doty and Welle is this, “Who are you deceiving, the voters of Morrison County or the DFL Party?”

Vote for the only truly pro-life candidates, vote GOP, vote Paul Gazelka for State Senate and Ron Kresha for  state representative. — Mark Fyten, Pierz