GOP wants women set back a century

To the Editor:

I haven’t heard one Republican-leaning person complain about how their political party wants to pretty much end birth control methods for women, have you? Not one that I know seems to care.

They want to shut down clinics and not allow women to get birth control through insurance and some pharmacies refuse to fill women’s birth control prescriptions too.

I never thought I’d see the day when people in the United States wanted to go backward at least 100 years and more. When I think of what those women of yester-year went through to get the vote for us and get birth control for us and yet today some women don’t even vote, well, it makes me so angry.

It seems to me that these Right-winger Republican Tea Partiers want to start treating our women like the Muslims do. Next thing you know, they will not let us out of the house without being accompanied by a male, and we’ll have to walk five paces behind him. — Mary Elling, Aitkin