Hensel supports civil rights, justice

To the Editor:

In response to the letter “Who is this person for Council”  in the Aug. 26 Record:

Yes, Robin Hensel is the person who caused the ruckus on the sign policy, by demanding that it be applied equally to everyone. This is the peace-nik who supports the troops, but doesn’t support special privileges for a few.

This is the person who was denied the right to sleep over in Le Bourget Park because only bicyclists and crafters have that right in America.

And this is the person who, after threats to her life over the troops banner issue, has given up taking in respite-care foster kids because if she’s not safe in her home, neither would they be.

Vote for this person? What are your values? Hers are civil rights, justice and accountability. Mine, too. — Theresa Skorseth, Little Falls