Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

Aug. 18 — The theft of a snowmobile trailer from a residence on 63rd Street, Royalton, was reported.

Aug. 19 — A mailbox was reported damaged on Superior Avenue in Randall.

Aug. 20 — A resident reported that someone took gas from a boat on Lake Alexander.

Aug. 20 — A theft was reported on Sage Road.

Aug. 20 — A cell phone, paperwork and clothing were reported missing from a vehicle on Ridge Road in Motley.

Aug. 20 — A store clerk at JM Speedstop reported there was a gas drive off for $50.15.

Aug. 21 — A theft was reported on Main Street in Upsala.

Aug. 21 — A theft was reported on Nature Road, Hillman.

Aug. 21 —A burglary was reported at a residence on 73rd Street, Hillman.

Aug. 21 — A fire near Sobieski on 100th Street was reported. A large field and several round bales were burning.

Aug. 21 — Two tires on a work truck were slashed on Cable Road.

Aug. 23 — A resident on Ginger Road in Little Falls reported a theft.

Aug. 24 — Someone drove through a yard on 280th Street in Cushing damaging the landscaping.

Aug. 24 — Someone hit a boat trailer that was parked on property on White Pine Lane in Motley. The damage appeared to have been done by a vehicle.

Aug. 24 — The two front wheels, valued at $600, were stolen from a one-ton Dodge dually truck while it was parked at a residence on 120th Avenue in Bowlus.

Aug. 24 — Someone broke into the Sobieski Community Center and sprayed the fire extinguisher all over the center, and stole the empty extinguisher.

Aug. 25 — A purse was stolen out of a vehicle while the owner was at a party on Nature Road in Buckman.

Aug. 25 — A resident on 28th Avenue and 153rd Street in Pierz reported someone caused damage to property.

Aug. 25 — A resident on 285th Avenue in Pierz reported someone drove through their corn field damaging the first row of corn.

Aug. 27 — An orange cone, valued at $150, was stolen from Twin Lakes Road in Little Falls.