Pro-life DFLers should consider party switch

To the Editor:

I have recently moved to Little Falls and am greatly impressed by the quality of life here and of the local candidates for state representative and state senator and the high tone of the ongoing debates in the Morrison County Record letters. I believe all four major candidates are declared pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and pro-voter ID.

Given that, party affiliation makes the difference. Only the Republican Party at state and national levels matches the candidates declared stands. The Democratic Party nationally has a pro-abortion platform and is led by a president who supports even partial birth abortion and abortions for gender selection.

Clearly Ron Kresha and Paul Gazelka, as members of the only pro-life party, are your choice. And perhaps the DFL candidates, if they are truly strongly pro-life, should consider switching parties to support their personal stands. — Channing Stowell, Little Falls