Pro-life is more than just anti-abortion

To the Editor:

In the Aug. 25 Record, an argument is made that the DFL endorsed candidate for House District 9B, is “just as” pro-life as Ron Kresha, the GOP endorsed candidate, because he also answered the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) questionnaire correctly.

Governor Dayton and the DFL Party continue to support abortion in their platform and their actions. Several pro-life bills were sent to Dayton (Fetal Pain bill, RU-486 bill and health inspections of abortions clinics.) Dayton vetoed all three. Clearly, a DFL House majority isn’t a step forward toward eliminating abortions; it’s a step backward for unborn children.

For a DFL candidate to be a pro-life representative, he’ll need to work closely with GOP members who continue to be champions of pro-life issues. He’ll need to reject DFL leadership who support abortion and vote for GOP leadership that’s committed to eliminating abortions. While it’s important to be pro-life in spirit and in a questionnaire, it’s equally important to be pro-life in action and legislation. Is the DFL endorsed candidate willing to abandon the DFL platform on this issue and work closely with the GOP?

On Nov. 6, I’m voting for Kresha for 9B and his consistent stance and support for pro-life issues. — Patty Commerford, Royalton