Trisha Zimmerman named the Employee of the Month for September

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

A Coborn’s Pharmacy employee, Trisha Zimmerman, was named the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce September Employee of the Month.

Zimmerman, a registered technician, spends much of her workday mailing prescriptions, getting deliveries ready and double checking that the orders are correct. She also deals directly with insurance companies and with various medical clinics.

Trisha Zimmerman was named September’s Employee of the Month by the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. Pictured are (from left): Marley Jo, Trisha and Ellia Zimmerman.

“But some days I wait on the customers and dispense their medications,” she said. “A part of my job is dealing with the public and I enjoy getting to know each and every one of our customers.”

There are many times when Zimmerman loses a customer due to death.

“When that happens, I try to make a personal connection with the family if possible,” she said. “We all feel it when one is gone.”

Those are the sadder realities of her job. The more joyous ones are, after seeing a pregnant woman pick up her prenatal vitamins for nine months, greeting her with her new baby.

“I have to ‘ooh and aah’ and ask lots of questions,” she said.

Celebrating life and death is part of Zimmerman’s job.

Pharmacist Wendy Greenwalt said Zimmerman is a delight to work with.

“She is hard working and has an excellent rapport with the patients. She greets each person as if they are her personal friend. She is very capable at multi-tasking, looks ahead to what needs to be done and works very will with the team. I love to listen to her buzz around the pharmacy, waiting on people and acknowledging them and their lives,” she said.

Greenwalt also said that Zimmerman is a terrific mom to her two daughters, taking them to fun community events and single-handedly providing a home for them. “They are the jewels in her crown,” she said.

Pharmacist Gary Sperl said Zimmerman is a very worthy Employee of the Month for many reasons.

“She has a bright, engaging and welcoming smile. She is very concerned with meeting and exceeding the pharmacy’s customers’ expectations. She is a very diligent worker who wants to learn. Trish can joke and have fun with fellow employees and with patients and that is a positive to build relationships. She is an integral part of our staff,” Sperl said.

Besides working at Coborn’s Pharmacy, Zimmerman, a single mom, is also a student at St. Cloud State working toward a degree in social work.

“I started out in school for a degree as an early childhood family education teacher, but that changed about four years ago,” she said.

Because of her active life, Zimmerman cannot say enough about Coborn’s, a company that has been accommodating with her busy schedule.

“The company has been very flexible with my varied hours while in school,” she said. “It has been amazing.”

Zimmerman and her daughters, Ellia, 8, and Marley Jo, 5, are avid outdoors women. She said they love to run, camp at state parks, go biking on the Soo Line Trail, swim and canoe. They also read a lot and hang out with each other.

For being named the Employee of the Month, Zimmerman received gift certificates from Broadway Stylists, Taco John’s and the Pizza Ranch. She also received flowers from Coborn’s, a cookbook from St. Gabriel’s Hospital Hospice Program and had her photo taken by Silker Studio.