Republicans distort DFL abortion stance

To the Editor:

Let’s correct the Republican deceptions about which party or local candidates are pro-life. The truth shows that Republicans are trying desperately for votes by distorting DFL candidates’ views.

Here are facts, not deceptions:

The DFL Party does not require any oath from its candidates to support their platform. DFL candidates are allowed to think for themselves and represent their district.

MCCL, however, does ask candidates to support their issues. Paul Gazelka made that promise to MCCL in 2010 when he ran for Senate. In 2011, Gazelka broke that promise to MCCL, receiving only a 93 percent pro-life voting score.

Al Doty served four years in the Minnesota House, and received a 100 percent pro-life score every year.

That information is readily available to anyone with an Internet connection. Source: (Legislation … state legislation … how your lawmaker voted).

You either have to call the MCCL liars or those letters are lies. Gazelka’s broken promise to the MCCL is there for all to see who’s lying.

I guess if you’re truly pro-life, it seems you’d have to support the candidate with 100 percent voting record. It also seems if you’re truly Republican, that doesn’t matter.

The facts show it’s the Republicans who are trying to deceive. — Martin Witucki, Little Falls