Voter fraud? What a joke

To the Editor:

There’s a reason the Republicans lost the last two recounts. They didn’t have enough votes.

That’s the idea behind their voter ID plan. They think if they can suppress enough people from voting, they can win the next recount. I doubt it. The only voter fraud in this state is when people vote Republican.

If you want to pay more income tax than billionaire Warren Buffet, vote Republican. If you want big tax cuts for the rich and big business, vote Republican.

Did you know most big businesses, like say General Electric, pay negative taxes? They take in more taxpayers’ money in subsidies and what have you than they pay in. I don’t think that’s right, but Republicans seem to think that’s just fine.

Then you get Romney’s “trickle down” effect. What a joke. That has never worked, and it never will. Truth is, if Republicans owned every river in this country, not a one of them would make it to the ocean. — Bill Wieczorek, Little Falls