Women’s rights claim is ridiculous

To the Editor:

Ridiculous. That’s the only word to describe the contention that anyone in the Republican Party wants to set women’s rights back 100 years or that they want to treat women like the Muslims do.

No one has said they want to end the availability of contraceptives or to close women’s health clinics. They do, however, object to taxpayer funding of abortion on demand at all stages of pregnancy and the heinous practice of partial birth abortion, as do the majority of Americans.

Insurance companies and pharmacists should not have to provide products mandated by government if they choose not to. This is, after all, supposed to be a democracy that we live in.

While on the subject of birth control, the example of Sandra Fluke comes to mind. Here is a college student who seems more concerned with being provided with free birth control and/or the morning- after pill than with her studies. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought people went to college to get a good education. — LaVerne June Magle, Pierz