Arts and Crafts Fair brings vendors back

Mary Helen Pelton, above, of Deer River was back with her husband, Ray, for the Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair. “It’s our sixth or seventh year. This is a very good year; we have so many wonderful customers who come back to find us,” Pelton said. “This is a very well-run show.”

One of the thousands of visitors to Little Falls chose to order her lunch Sept. 8, at the Arts and Crafts Fair food booth manned by Little Falls’ Minnesota Fishing Museum volunteers. Sandy Cambronne of Stillwater has been coming to the fair for about eight years. Pictured are (from left): Allan Grebinowski, Ray Manlick, Cambronne and Dave Buker.

After spending several hours shopping in Little Falls Sept. 8, these women had a challenge carrying their purchases around. Pictured are (from left): Barb Schneider, Minneapolis; Robin Majestic, Minneapolis and Christy Armstrong, Cambridge.            Schneider has been coming to the Fair for 10 years, while Armstrong has attended eight years and Majestic three years.