No criminal charges will be filed against Commissioner Meyer

Sherburne County Attorney finds insufficient evidence to proceed with criminal charges

Sherburne County Attorney, Kathleen Heaney, issued a letter Tuesday, Sept. 11, concluding the investigation of the allegations that Morrison County Commissioner Donald Meyer collected per diem payments that he was not entitled to receive.

The investigation was conducted to determine whether charges were warranted for the theft of public funds or unauthorized compensation of a public officer.

Heaney’s report stated that there was a thorough and prompt investigation. She concluded after reviewing the reports of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office and the State Auditor that the evidence was not sufficient to proceed with any criminal prosecution.

“Now that the Sherburne County Attorney has issued her decision and declined criminal charges, the County Board can begin the process of reviewing the recommendations made by the State Auditor in her letter dated, July 13, 2012,” said Deb Gruber, Morrison County administrator.

The County Board has retained the services of an independent counsel to assist with this review and intends to address the issue at an October 2, 2012 Planning Session.

Those with specific questions or concerns regarding the information presented, may contact Gruber at (320) 632-0295.