DFL, GOP on same pro-life boat

To the Editor:

Pro-life and Democrat. We may disagree on the course, but we’re on the same boat. The year 1973 was my senior year of high school and I remember Roe vs. Wade arguments, my body – my choice, when does life begin, etc. The thing I remember is that many thousands of women were dying from bleeding and infection from botched abortions. Overturning this will not stop abortions.

I have never heard anyone say I want to get pregnant so I can have an abortion. Laws don’t abort babies, people do. We need to use the data for programs that will decrease and hopefully eliminate this need. This will never get done as long as millions of dollars are spent lobbying in Washington from both groups. We need to tell our politicians no money or no votes.

Then both groups need to work together on things that deal with the reason why the choice is made. Make adoption inexpensive, permanent and easier. Make it so the adoptive  parent(s)’ insurance covers prenatal care if needed, this would save taxpayers millions. These can be done with laws and simple contracts.

I am pro-life and Democrat and proud of it — Jim Storlie, Little Falls