Don’t drink the GOP pro-life Kool Aid

To the Editor:

Many people of good conscience consider abortion the main issue when deciding how to vote. Many decide to vote for Democrats, because pro-life Democrats oppose abortion and support programs that will address the root causes of abortion, programs that Republicans will never support.

Republicans successfully make pro-life Dems their top targets, as pro-life Dems lose re-election at a higher rate than pro-choice colleagues.

Recently, letters have confused the purpose of a party platform with pledges that Republicans sign. There is no equivalent pledge that Democrats sign and no comparable party billionaires to whom Republicans make their pledge. Democrats pledge only to uphold the Constitution, taking the oath of office.

While abortion is the priority of many Republicans’ campaigns, the issue falls far down the list if they are elected. Many of the past 39 years have seen a Republican president, Congress, Senate and Supreme Court majority. Republicans have failed to pass legislation challenging Roe v. Wade. Republicans are still able to “throw us the bone” of eliminating abortion funding because they have also failed to make the Hyde amendment permanent.

I cannot swallow that artificially-flavored pro-life drink the GOP keeps passing out — it tastes funny. — Mary Krueger, Royalton