Freedoms are being wrecked from within

To the Editor:

Once again I see our service men and women being denied our show of appreciation for all they have sacrificed for us. Again we see where one individual can abuse the free system we live under to promote their “anti” views.

For example, their use of the Aesophian language, which means say one thing and mean another. This is the old “antis” trick. Look at the so called peace symbol. The upside down broken cross. This was started by Bertrand Russell as an anti-nuclear symbol. Before that, I’m told it was a satanic sign still in use in Europe. Look at the “V” symbol. First used by Winston Churchill against the Nazis, I like to show them a half peace sign.

We have seen our patriotism destroyed, our flag being disrespected, our unborn being murdered, God being removed from our vocabulary, our marriage laws being challenged.

Look at the last election, how many illegal votes were counted? Our freedoms are being destroyed from within. It is way past the time to keep allowing a few antis to take away our rights. Every American has to stand up and stop these attacks if we are to survive as a free nation.

An election is coming where every voter must vote — before we lose that right, too. — Lester Shaffer, Little Falls