Haugerud arrested and charged with domestic assault

Louis Darnell Haugerud, 26, Little Falls, was charged Sept. 7, with one felony count of domestic assault.

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a  report Sept. 5, that Haugerud was assaulting a woman and holding her against her will.

Several officers responded to the victim’s address and spoke to her. She said Haugerud had some friends to the house the evening before and they drank a lot of beer. She allegedly got into a verbal argument with him and told him to leave and not come back. She said she locked the door and chained it.

The victim told officers Haugerud returned early the next morning and allegedly broke in, booting the door open. The argument escalated and Haugerud got on top of her. When she pulled up her legs to protect her unborn child, he punched her in the forehead. The officers noted a large welt on the victim’s forehead.

The victim said Haugerud also scratched her neck and threw keys at her.

Haugerud was placed under arrest for domestic assault. He allegedly admitted kicking in the door and that he yelled and screamed at the victim, but did not touch her.

Haugerud was transported to the Morrison County Jail and while there, became upset and  allegedly made threats toward the deputy. Throughout the processing, he was uncooperative and at one point told the deputy to fight with him.

An examination of Haugerud’s criminal record shows prior convictions for domestic assault from July 2004, October 2004, August 2007 and September 2009.

If convicted, Haugerud faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.