Send Gazelka home where he belongs

To the Editor:

The best test of a politician is how well he represents his district. Paul Gazelka fails that test.

First, Gazelka’s only lived in this district about four months. He moved here after choosing not to run in his home Crow Wing County.

This district expects politicians to keep their promises. Gazelka signed the no new taxes pledge, but increased our rural property taxes (even higher than metro) when he voted to eliminate the homestead tax credit.

Gazelka pledged to support MCCL legislation. But when choosing whether to keep that promise or pass the Republican Higher Education Bill MCCL opposed, Gazelka voted for it to protect the wealthiest. When people in this district say they’re “pro-life” they don’t just mean “pro-wealthiest-lives,” but that’s what Gazelka’s vote means.

The biggest single economic driver in this area is Camp Ripley. Although legislators from both parties and the governor recognized the importance of a $19.5 million dollar project at Camp, Gazelka voted against Camp Ripley.

Let’s review: moved into this district to run, broke his no new taxes pledge, broke his MCCL voting pledge, voted against adding $19.5 million to Camp Ripley.

Paul Gazelka doesn’t represent our values. Send him back home. — Gary Gannon, Randall