Sincere pro-lifers should vote for GOP

To the Editor:

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? For the thousands of unborn babies who will be killed by abortion the answer is a resounding “no.” The re-election of Barack Obama will mean thousands of abortions paid for by you with your tax money through Obama’s health care act. If you are pro-life, the only pro-life vote is to vote for Mitt Romney and the entire Republican ticket all the way down to Ron Kresha.

Democrats say that Republicans are against “reproductive rights.” To my knowledge not a single Republican has ever told a woman that she cannot have a baby. We are just opposed to letting her kill the baby before or after it is born.

It doesn’t really matter if Collin Peterson, Al Doty or Adrian Welle claim to be pro-life. They cannot and will not do anything to stop abortion because their party platform and party leaders are for abortion on demand.

The only pro-life vote you can make is for Mitt Romney, Kurt Bills, Chip Cravaack, Lee Byberg, Paul Gazelka and Ron Kresha.

If you are sincerely pro-life, vote Republican in November. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum.