Vendors allowed to violate city code

To the Editor:

The following is an excerpt from a Little Falls police incident report dated Sept. 8, 2012, 7:44 p.m.

“Officers responded to Le Bourget Park on a report of antique vendors that were camping in the park. We arrived and made contact with several subjects. They said they are vendors for the antique fair and were told they could stay there to provide their own security at night.

“I then spoke with Chief Schirmers, and he said that there was an arrangement for the people to do their own security at the park. He said that they were told they cannot be sleeping in the park, that if they are there, they need to be doing security.

“I also spoke with Dave Rausch who is one of the coordinators of the antique fair. He said he understood that the vendors could not sleep in the park and were there to provide security for all of the items in the booths. He said he would go down there and remind everyone there that they cannot be sleeping in the park. While we were on scene we did not encounter anyone that was sleeping in the park.”

This violates Section 10.20 City Code. — Robin Hensel, Little Falls