Answer these if voting Democrat

To the Editor:

To my fellow taxpayers who intend to vote for Democrats this November, just a few questions.

First, how is “forcing” us to pay for someone else’s abortion a pro-choice position, much less stimulating the economy?

Second, how does passing the large tax increase and manmade uncertainty of Obamacare make it easier for us to hire more employees?

Third, why do they tell us to fear big business, even though they cannot tax or regulate us, but big government can?

Fourth, when Obama told us we didn’t build our business, was he saying we don’t have private property rights?

Fifth, where does government get the money to build our roads, bridges and pay for the salaries of public employees?

Sixth, how does appeasing the Muslim extremists and giving them billions of taxpayer dollars make us more secure?

George Bernard Shaw famously said; “Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.” That is true, especially if Peter fails to grasp the moral hazard of wealth redistribution.

Who better to spend your hard-earned money, you or the bureaucrats in government? — Lee Doucette, Cushing