DFL favors abortion, GOP is pro-life

To the Editor:

A letter in the Sept. 16 Record stated that, “Many of the past 39 years have seen a Republican president, Congress, Senate and Supreme Court majority” but haven’t passed pro-life legislation, etc.

The letter makes a nice try on Democratic partisan bias, but is clearly wrong on the facts. Regarding Supreme Court appointments, President Reagan and Presidents George H. and George W. Bush appointed four Supreme Court justices whose decisions have strongly supported the pro-life philosophy. Presidents Clinton and Obama appointed four justices whose background and decisions favor the liberal, pro-abortion position. That is why it greatly matters who is the next president on the important issue of appointments to the Supreme Court.

In 1997, the  Republican U.S. Congress passed a bill banning partial-birth, late-term abortions. President Clinton vetoed the bill and the U.S. House overrode the veto, but the Senate failed to override and Clinton’s veto was sustained.

In many states with Republican governors and Republican legislatures, strong pro-life bills protecting the unborn, banning second and third trimester abortions and taxpayer funding of abortions have passed into law. Unfortunately, DFL pro-abortion Gov. Dayton has blocked passage into law of pro-life legislation in Minnesota. — Lawrence Wheeler, Little Falls