Gazelka’s values don’t match ours

To the Editor:

Let’s end the Republican pro-life spin right now. Paul Gazelka’s literature (paid for by his own campaign committee) says he’s 100 percent pro-life. MCCL says Gazelka had a 93 percent pro-life voting record in 2011. They can’t both be telling the truth.

Gazelka broke his promise to MCCL to support all their legislation. Republicans can’t change that, so let’s quit pretending 93 percent is really 100 percent and move on to other items Republicans don’t want us to know.

They don’t want us to know Gazelka moved about four months ago just to run in District 9 instead of where he was living. He’s not one of us in one of the poorest areas of Minnesota.

Voters should also know Gazelka signed the no new taxes pledge ( Guess his promise was meant only for the richest Minnesotans, because my property taxes went up and so did most others in rural Minnesota. Gazelka voted to do that. More broken promises. More proof Gazelka is not one of us.

Gazelka’s literature also claims Minnesota has a $1 billion surplus. We know the Republicans borrowed and just pushed the debt off on the next legislature. There’s no surplus.

Gazelka’s values don’t match ours. — Roman Witucki, chair of the Morrison County DFL, Little Falls