Hensel playing by different rules

To the Editor:

Robin Hensel believes that the fair vendors violated city code by camping in city parks. I believe Hensel has violated campaign laws in running for Ward 1 City Council.

Hensel said Little Falls denied the request of the Little Falls Partners for Peace and other groups to host a peace fair in June at Le Bourget Park. Hensel posted on the Record’s Web site that their application said two-person tents would be set up, which is against city code, Section 10.20.

I don’t see how commercially licensed vendors selling from licensed locations translates to “overnight camping.” It’s evident these vendors’ intent wasn’t “for the purpose of overnight camping.”

Hensel’s claims of discrimination and illegalities by the city appear to be unsubstantiated claims because her application was correctly denied.

It appears Hensel is in violation of campaign laws. Minnesota Statute 211B.04 says campaign literature must include a disclaimer.

I’m not aware of any disclaimer on Hensel’s campaign literature. Hensel says she can no longer earn a living because of her public views. I’m curious as to who’s paying for her campaign literature.

It’s my civic duty to make sure all political candidates are playing by the same set of rules. — Doug Dahlberg, Little Falls