LeMieur, Gazelka passed pro-life bills

To the Editor:

A letter in the Sept. 16 Record stated, “Republicans have failed to pass legislation challenging Roe vs. Wade.”

That statement is false. The facts speak for themselves. President Obama and his Democratic Party have used all the powers they possess to keep legal and to expand the killing of unborn babies and the taking of human life.

The Democratic Congress passed in 2009 — and President Obama signed — legislation appropriating hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars to pay for killing unborn babies through the violence of abortion. Republicans in Congress vigorously opposed and voted against this legislation.

The Minnesota Legislature: From 2007 – 2011, when the DFL had control of the Minnesota Legislature, no pro-life legislation was passed or even considered. But in November, 2010, the Republicans won control of the Minnesota Legislature. Four major pro-life bills passed the Minnesota Legislature in 2011. Republican Rep. Mike LeMieur and Sen. Paul Gazelka co-authored legislation to ban all state taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions. Tragically, DFL Gov. Dayton vetoed that bill and the remaining three pro-life bills.

This November, vote  “yes” for the protection of unborn human life. Vote “no” to Obama/Doty/Welle. Vote “yes” to Romney/Gazelka/Kresha. — Beverly LeMieur, Little Falls