Need answers from candidates

To the Editor:

The June 1 fact check letter was the best I’ve seen. While Al Doty was a state representative I asked him repeatedly, in this newspaper, to explain why he voted against education reform. No response.

I read (Aug. 19 issue) that Education Minnesota is now supporting Doty for the state senate “to improve education in Minnesota.”

Al, please tell your constituents, in this newspaper, what your plans for improving education in Minnesota are.

If he refuses to tell his constituents why he voted as he did, and what he plans to vote for after he is elected, why should anyone vote for him?

Amy Klobuchar refuses to explain her votes to her constituents in this  paper, the St. Cloud paper and the Minneapolis paper.  Why?

The Democrats took all references to God out of their platform, but were forced to put God back in. Obama tried to tell churches who they could/could not hire for pastors and Cardinal Dolan is suing Obama to stop his interference in church practice.

Do they want America to be a Godless society, or just to tell the churches what they can, cannot or must do?

Is this the “change” we hoped for, four years ago? — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls