Strive to be as loving as God is

To the Editor:

There’s a wonderful mystery in loving for God is love.

We are embodied spirits. We use our bodies to express who we are. The way we dress, talk, what we watch, read, listen to and the way we make love.

Desiring to make love to the other with respect and dignity nourishes the spirits of both to be more loving and complete persons and of one heart that does not betray. This is of God.

God is love. He is not simply pleasure, he’s much more and he’s in every moment of our lives. God’s humor is genuine. It does not objectify or degrade our sexuality in the name of fun. God’s humor uplifts and encourages us in a loving way to be more like him.

We weak humans put God in a box. We make him a puzzle piece size in our lives and we wittingly and unwittingly separate him from certain moments in our lives.

God is so rich with love there is nothing he cannot afford to give us. Most of the moments in our lives we choose to ignore him.

What a wonderful world this would be if we strived to be as loving as our God. — Kathy Festler, Little Falls