Upsala residents can expect to hear noise and see lots of smoke Sept. 27 and 29

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) team, along with both the Upsala and Bowlus Fire Departments, will conduct training late afternoon and early evening hours in Upsala Thursday, Sept. 27.

The address where it will take place is 209 Main St. N., Upsala. Residents in and around the area should be aware that there will be police and fire vehicles present during that time. There may also be some noises that may not normally be heard.

Anyone with questions may contact the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office at (320) 632-9233.

The Upsala Fire Department will be conducting a live burn training at the same residence Saturday, Sept. 29. The training is set to begin at 8 a.m. and finish at approximately 2 p.m. Residents in and around the area during that time can expect a lot of activity and smoke and should also use extreme caution if passing through.

Anyone with questions regarding the burn may contact Upsala Fire Chief Jay Baggenstoss at (320) 573-4101.