Adrian Welle stands with seniors

To the Editor:

We need more legislators that will listen first and talk second. That’s why I am voting for Adrian Welle.

I am a senior citizen and I had many questions for Adrian Welle about where he stood on important issues for seniors in our communities. Things like rising property taxes and cuts to our nursing homes have made things harder on seniors in recent years — whether we are living in our home, or we are receiving care someplace else.

I was very impressed at how intently Adrian listened to my concerns. It is pretty clear he wasn’t just another politician. He was honest with me, and we had a great discussion about how the Legislature can do a better job serving the needs of senior citizens in Minnesota.

In November, I will be voting for the candidate who will side with seniors and listen to us. I’ll be voting for Adrian Welle for House of Representatives in District 9B. — Mary Jayne Chuba, Upsala