Cemetery is no place for politics

To the Editor:

I am dismayed at the actions of St. Mary’s Church, owners of Calvary Cemetery, in granting the Knights of Columbus permission to display the “Vote Yes Marriage Amendment” sign on the cemetery’s south fence facing 13th Avenue Northeast. Calvary, “The French Cemetery,” where four generations of my family are buried, is a place of solace, reflection and respect and should continue to be treated as such for all people.

Opinions for or against the proposed Marriage Amendment bear no weight on this issue. What is of concern is turning the final resting place for relatives of hundreds of Little Falls families into a political billboard.

One must wonder as to what future socio-political issues, whether in or out of election years, may prompt the Knights of Columbus or other organizations to post signs on what I consider to be hallowed ground.

Sign ordinance or not, isn’t there somewhere other than a cemetery to express one’s opinion? — Mark Nagel, Little Falls