Doty and Welle work well with others

To the Editor:

Al Doty and Adrian Welle are currently City Council members (Royalton and Pierz, respectively). Both cities kept tax increases low or flat, but made major improvements that their residents can be proud of.

Al and Adrian worked with city officials, city workers and city residents for those improvements. That’s the point. Al and Adrian work well with others to get good things done.

That’s not what we got these last two years from our Republican legislators, Mike LeMieur and Paul Gazelka. Rather than work with others, they followed Republican leaders straight into the longest state government shutdown ever. And they took their pay and benefits during that shutdown, even though state workers didn’t get paid.That’s not getting along with others; that’s “my way or the highway” and it’s not how to get things done.

Ron Kresha and Paul Gazelka both spoke as invited guests to a Tea Party rally in Browerville this summer. Their message wasn’t cooperation and compromise; it was “our way or the doorway.”

The easy choices this election for Minnesota Senate and Minnesota House are Al Doty and Adrian Welle. They’ve proven they can work with others to get things done.

Elect them in November. — Cathy Gannon, Randall