Gazelka listens to his constituents

To the Editor:

Sen. Gazelka is representing us very well in St. Paul. He listens to his constituents and has passed legislation that shows he is listening to us.

Gazelka listened when the county sheriff told him legal guns confiscated in drug raids had to be destroyed. Gazelka authored legislation allowing law enforcement agencies to sell the guns instead.

When the mayor of Little Falls asked Gazelka to clarify state statute with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) regarding giving land to local governments, Gazelka listened to her and stood up for Little Falls. MnDOT followed statute and gave Little Falls the land it originally wanted to charge $100,000 for.

Gazelka listened when the Little Falls School District objected to the approval process required to purchase equipment and helped pass legislation to streamline the process.

He listened when the community asked him to stand for marriage, family and pro-life values by authoring pro-life and traditional marriage legislation.

He has stood up for Camp Ripley and our veterans while he has served on the Veterans Committee.

Gazelka has listened to his constituents and will continue to do so. He has proven leadership and will serve Senate District 9 well. Gazelka has earned my vote. Vote Gazelka for Senate District 9. — Mandy Heffron, Little Falls