Hensel’s protests are delusional

To the Editor:

Exercising my right to free speech by providing a counterpoint against the protesters outside Camp Ripley, Sept. 21, I couldn’t help but wonder how Robin Hensel can be so delusional to believe she represents any values we cherish in our community.

Her protest amounted to little more than a bunch of 6-year-olds throwing a tantrum. The confusing message was impossible to make sense of.

What kind of a council member would she make? Her actions speak volumes.

She protested against her own country, disrespectfully displaying the American flag, with Syrian, Somali and other flags. Is that who we want to represent us?

Most of us live in a small town to get away from the hate, crime and ugliness of big cities, but she wants to bring it to our front doors, not caring how much harm she causes to working class people around her.

She protested alongside those that want to shut down military installations, like Camp Ripley, that would end hundreds of middle class jobs in the area and an annual economic impact of tens of millions of dollars for Central Minnesota businesses. We want members of our government to create, not destroy, jobs. — Darryl Nilsen, Little Falls