Kurt Bills offers economics lesson

To the Editor:

Most Americans highly value educators. Men and women who serve our country by educating her youth — whether in a public, parochial or home educational setting — have compassion, common sense and a desire to guide others to learn and understand.

Thankfully Minnesotans have a respected, brilliant and passionate educator who’s willing to leave the safe confines of the Midwest and go to Washington to teach (those who should know) economics.

Kurt Bills’ record of success in the classroom, the praise and respect given by current and former students speaks volumes.

Sen. Klobuchar may seem like the harmless-bipartisan-girl-next-door. But a nice smile does not a safe and productive country make. Minnesotans have suffered terrible economic losses and business closings under Obama — and Klobuchar voted 94 percent of the time in lockstep with him.

High taxes and EPA overreach strangle economic growth. In a recent interview, Ely’s mayor stated, “The Democratic Party has gone too green for some of us. … They care more about the environment than jobs and people.”

As our senator, Kurt Bills will help create an economic formula to define and grow a business friendly environment (jobs) for Minnesotans. Do your homework. Visit Kurt Bills.com. — Becky Olson, Little Falls