Little Falls Police Department

Sept. 18 — Someone damaged property on Fourth Street Southeast.

Sept. 20 — Someone scratched the bumper of a vehicle while it was parked on Ninth Street Southeast.

Sept. 21 — A resident on Seventh Street Northeast reported an attempted break-in.

Sept. 22 — A purple Haro bicycle was stolen from a residence on Third Avenue Northeast.

Sept. 23 — A resident on 13th Street Southwest reported a burglary.

Sept. 23 — Someone bumped a gas pump at a station on First Avenue Northeast causing damage to the pump.

Sept. 23 — Someone, using black spray paint, spray-painted graffiti on a business on 11th Street Northeast.

Sept. 23 —  Someone broke into a shed at a property on Eighth Street Northwest. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Sept. 26 — A resident on 18th Street Northeast reported a theft.

Sept. 26 — A blue 26-inch Mongoose mountain bike was stolen from a residence on 11th Street Northwest.

Sept. 25 — A resident on 11th Street Northeast reported a theft.