Love matters and so do numbers

To the Editor:

Let’s say I love two men. We’re all committed to each other and want to have a family. So why can’t we all get married?

Or what if I love my cousin and want to marry him or her? Let’s go one step further – what if I want to marry my brother or sister? Why should society prevent me from marrying the one or ones whom I love? Who are you to say that my love is unequal to yours?

Realistically, this is the progression of our society if the Marriage Amendment is not passed.

The purpose of the Marriage Amendment is “not” to prevent people from loving the ones they desire to love. Its purpose is to keep a standard that best protects our society and children.

I lived in Uganda, Africa for six months. Polygamy is common there. I saw firsthand the harmful effects it has on Uganda’s society and the Ugandan family I lived with.

Passing the Marriage Amendment will set a standard of what marriage is — a union between one man and one woman — in order to prevent these harmful effects from happening in Minnesota.

Please protect our society by voting “yes” on the Marriage Amendment. — Naomi Toenies, Randall