Staying with Paul Gazelka

To the Editor:

Here we go again. With Mike LeMieur not running, the Democrat attack letters have switched to Sen. Paul Gazelka. To imply that he is not pro-life, for higher taxes and against Camp Ripley is preposterous.

First of all, Gazelka is again endorsed by MCCL and for good reason. He, as assistant majority leader, has been and will continue to be trusted by pro-life groups to champion pro-life legislation. His opponent has never been endorsed by MCCL or ever voted for pro-life leadership.

Gazelka has repeatedly authored legislation to help Camp Ripley and helped pass legislation to give preferential hiring to returning vets and prevent workplace discrimination. He also serves on the Veterans Committee. In fact, the existence of Camp Ripley in Morrison County is one of several reasons why he chose to move his family after redistricting divided his district in half. Thankfully, Morrison County will still have our same dedicated state senator.

Regarding taxes, it’s amazing that we are being asked to vote for a Democrat after our Democratic governor and his allies tried to increase taxes and spending by $5 billion. Dayton also vetoed three attempts to reduce property taxes. I’m staying with Paul Gazelka. — Ken Toenies, Randall