Vote for Gazelka, a man of his word

To the Editor:

The political season continues and it’s difficult to feel little more than weariness at the process, the candidates, their pundits, opinions driven by political party and another letter trying to influence your vote.

Paul Gazelka will get my vote this November because he is a proven fiscal and social conservative, a successful legislator and a man of his word.

Paul is a small business owner and family man, whose deep and abiding faith in God will protect the unborn and traditional marriage. Gazelka will continue to be a good steward of Minnesota’s taxes, all of our citizens’ best interests, uphold Voter ID and not cave in to political expediency. Gazelka will look you in the eye and honestly explain a vote whether you agree or not, in a straightforward manner, without double talk.

Paul’s opposition will try to sway you with petty and snide comments that rarely deserve reply, sidetrack you in non-issues or the lofty promises of our opponent.

I wholeheartedly support Paul Gazelka and the entire Republican ticket. — Jim Chandler, Randall