Al Doty caters to unions

To the Editor:

Al Doty hasn’t met a pro-union bill he didn’t like. In 2008, he voted for the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, (EFCA). It sounds nice, but if you actually read the bill you see the EFCA strips away workers’ rights.

It allows union organizers to collect signed cards supporting unionization. The cards are collected and from a simple majority of employees, all employees are forced to join the union without voting. This takes away an employee’s right to vote, as well as their privacy by allowing the union and the employer to know who doesn’t want to join the union. This leaves them vulnerable to the threats and intimidation from Unionists, that we’ve come to hear about from so many people who choose not to join unions.

Anyone who reads this legislation should be able to see this immediately, which leads me to believe that either Al Doty didn’t read the EFCA legislation, or he fully supports unions taking our rights away in the workplace. — Patty Wilczek, Morrison County Republican Party chair, Little Falls