Al Doty helped our area

To the Editor:

It’s time we recognize how much Al Doty did for our area while in office.

Al brought in money to help the Pine Grove Zoo become accredited and therefore bring in more tourist dollars. He secured funding for two major projects at Camp Ripley and a MnDOT truck station in Little Falls.

Al authorized, voted for, and got passed many other bills to meet our needs, but one stands out above the rest. Doty’s tireless work in St. Paul pulled together the needed support to establish the Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail, which will be a great economic boost for our area.

While others jumped on the  bandwagon since, it was Al Doty who put the idea together and made it happen. Unfortunately, Gov. Pawlenty vetoed $2 million for our trail that Doty had included in the bonding bill. Construction could have begun already.

The Camp Ripley/Veterans Trail is the first state-authorized trail to be multi-use from its inception. Al Doty brought many types of trail users together and insisted they all be given a place at the table.

Al Doty knows our area; he knows what we need and how to get it done. Let’s make Al Doty our state senator. — Harvey Hempeck, Little Falls