Doty will support pro-abortion leaders

To the Editor:

There were several letters from partisan DFLers in recent editions of the Record purporting that liberal DFL Senate candidate Al Doty is “pro-life.” Doty claims to be “pro-life.”

The problem is that even if Doty’s claims were true, his votes in 2007 and 2009 legislative sessions to install an extremely pro-abortion House Speaker, effectively prevented the consideration or passage of any pro-life legislation.

It was my privilege to represent the people of Morrison County in the Minnesota Legislature from 1973 – 2001. I could not have asked for a better district or greater people to represent. In those years, I served under seven DFL House Speakers, four of whom who favored abortion rights and three who were pro-life. Speaker Irv Anderson, in fact, was a very strong advocate of pro-life legislation.

The difference, however, between then and now is this: All of those DFL House Speakers; regardless of their viewpoint, let pro-life bills be heard and voted on. They were fair. They did not use their power to block pro-life legislation. From 2007 – 2010 when the DFL controlled the Legislature, no pro-life legislation was passed.

Doty, if elected, will again support liberal, pro-abortion legislative leadership. Doty’s actions would again defeat pro-life legislation. — Steve Wenzel, Little Falls