Four seek three Swanville School Board seats

To provide our readers with information to help them in their decision-making at the polls, the Record send out a questionnaire to each of the candidates for the Swanville School Board. Only candidates in races where the candidates outnumbered the seats available were sent questionnaires. In Swanville, four candidates filed to fill three seats on the School Board. Just one candidate responded to the questionnaire.

The candidates were asked to introduce themselves and to respond to the following questions. Each of the responses was limited to 100 words.

1. How would you assess the technology needs in your school district?  What are the district’s most pressing technology needs?

2. What can be done to increase the student enrollment count?

3. What steps does the district need to take to improve the rate at which students  pass the grad standards tests?

4. What percentage of the district’s overall revenue should be spent directly on classroom instruction? What is your rationale?

Kathleen A. Beckman, incumbent
Introduction: I have been married to my husband Dean for 34 years. We have four children, two sons-in-law and one granddaughter. We have lived in Morrison County, Culdrum Township for 30 years. All four of our children graduated from Swanville High School. I have been working for Granite City Jobbing as a sales representative serving area businesses for the past eight years. Prior to this I was employed in Swanville at Bob and Fran’s Grocery store for 17 years. I have been on the Swanville School Board for 10 years. I am committed to the continued success of the Swanville School District and its students.

Question 1: We are very current with our technology in Swanville and we intend to stay up-to-date to maintain and continue to grow. We how have iPads for all our teachers, all of our elementary classrooms have Interactive Boards and we currently have three in the high school. Online grading also has been very positive as several parents are utilizing this tool to check their children’s grades and progress. This has been very successful to keep parents informed. We need to train all of our staff to use the new technology as technology is always changing.

Question 2: To encourage parents’ involvement and to promote visiting at any time. To stay up-to-date with technology and to try to keep our class sizes small.

Question 3: We are taking good steps with the RTI as we have already improved students’ test scores. Teachers are always learning new strategies and interventions. We need to continue to work with the RTI program.

Question 4:  A lot of factors go into structuring a school budget. Classroom instruction is the largest factor and should be. Our staff in Swanville is always willing to step up and help each other wherever help is needed.