Gazelka chose to raise property taxes

To the Editor:

Why are your property taxes higher? Because the last Republican-controlled legislature repealed the Homestead Credit. Paul Gazelka voted for that. Gazelka could have raised income taxes on the wealthiest, but he raised our property taxes instead.

Republicans try to blame increased property taxes on local governments, but that’s not true. Even without local tax increases, property taxes increased for farmers, small businesses and homeowners.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue makes it clear that taking away the Homestead Credit caused increased property taxes, especially in poorer areas (, Except for property around some of our lakes, this district is definitely one of the poorer areas of Minnesota.

Paul Gazelka voted to remove the homestead credit even though it was made clear in committees and in debates on the floor that it would hurt rural Minnesota most. If he truly understood this area, Gazelka should have listened and voted no. But Paul Gazelka voted yes.

It doesn’t make any difference if Gazelka didn’t know or if he didn’t care; the result is the same here in District 9. Let’s restore the homestead credit and remove anyone who voted to eliminate it. Elect someone who understands rural Minnesota and this district. Elect Al Doty. — Michele Caron, Flensburg