GOP offers only property tax hikes

To the Editor:

Last session, the Republican majorities in the House and Senate eliminated the homestead credit, a direct tax credit that formerly went to 95 percent of homeowners. This directly resulted in $260 million in property tax hikes statewide.

Eliminating the homestead credit is worst for those of us in greater Minnesota. We’re picking up nearly two-thirds of the property tax increase. Our increases were eight times higher than the metro for

homeowners and three times higher for businesses.

Paul Gazelka voted for that. He and Republican Ron Kresha can only offer more property tax increases. They’re following Republican Party leadership that says “no new taxes,” and they’ve shown no interest in restoring the homestead credit or pursuing any middle-class property tax relief.

These property tax hikes are devastating to middle class farmers, seniors and young families. They’re slowing our rural economy by making it more difficult for small businesses to afford new workers or new equipment.

We need legislators who’ll promote property tax relief for homeowners, businesses, renters and farmers. I’ll be voting for DFL candidates Adrian Welle and Al Doty because they’ll work for a fair property tax system that’s better for our middle class and our rural economy. — Tina Witucki, Little Falls