Property damage charge against Kloss

Jeffrey Lawrence Kloss, 32, Pierz was charged Sept. 28, with one felony count of damage to property in the first degree.

According to the complaint filed in Morrison County District Court, on June 18, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department received a complaint that vandalism had been done on a newly-paved blacktop road just outside of Harding on 243rd Street.

The complaint alleges the vandalism included the painting of words and numbers over the roadway. It also appeared that someone tried to cover up the white paint by spray painting the white paint with black paint. It was said that the portion of newly paved road that was damaged would have to be redone, which would require the pavement to be torn up and re-paved over again.

The damaged area of the roadway needed to be milled out and repaved at a cost of $2,200.

Kloss allegedly admitted that he spray-painted the road and he did so because he was upset that some persons from the road crew went onto his property and moved his boat. Kloss allegedly stated that he retaliated by spray painting the newly-paved roadway.

If found guilty, Kloss faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.