Welle genuinely cares about people

To the Editor:

I have never been the type to get excited about politics, and candidates for office never really connected with me before. This year for the first time, there is a candidate that has me excited. That candidate is Adrian Welle.

I was fortunate enough to see Adrian in action when he was a young student at Pierz Healy High School, when he challenged the School Board and superintendent. I knew then and there that he would be very good in politics, because of his concerns for everyone (fellow students, teachers and district taxpayers). Adrian invested a lot of time and research in what he believed was an injustice that was being done within District 484.

Adrian has a sincere and genuine concern for the common people of Minnesota — senior citizens, children, veterans, the disabled and the working class —  which is something that is lacking in most politicians of today.

You cannot find a better candidate to represent District 9B in the Minnesota State House of Representatives. — Kelly L. Thomsen, Randall