Liquor license for restaurant in Motley put on hold

By Tina Snell

Staff Writer

[email protected]


An amendment to Motley’s ordinance concerning liquor licensing was tabled at its Tuesday night City Council meeting.

Ashlee Badger came before the Council requesting the amendment for  El Loco Burrito, a new restaurant to be located on Highway 10 and Ash Street. While the city code states no license shall be issued for an establishment within 500 feet of a church or school, the location of the restaurant is 496 feet from the Motley Elementary School and has been given a liquor license in the past.

Councilman Steve Johnson raised a concern that another establishment may come before the Council in the future and ask for an amendment closer than 496 feet, citing the precedent.

City Clerk Terri Smith told the Council it may wish to look into amending the entire ordinance to accommodate the shorter distance to the school.

Since Badger said she would not be ready to open until approximately March 2013, the Council asked her to return with her request in January, giving members time to research the issue.