Attacks on Doty misleading, dishonest

To the Editor:

Look who’s funding ads attacking Al Doty. “Minnesota’s Future” has produced at least three mailed ads in support of Paul Gazelka.

The first one was on education. They couldn’t find anything wrong with Doty’s voting record on education, so instead, they attacked special interest groups and party leaders, make them sound evil and associate Doty with them. It’s misleading and dishonest.

Taxes for “free health care” was their next ad. They know Al Doty has voted to raise income taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans instead of raising our property taxes like Gazelka voted for. They say Doty would raise taxes, but they don’t mention that he only voted to increase income taxes for the wealthiest. It’s misleading and dishonest.

The third mailer again attacks party leaders on a vote because they couldn’t find anything against Doty’s support of veterans. It’s misleading and dishonest.

Minnesota’s Future does that because “they” are the wealthiest Minnesotans. Their latest campaign finance report shows $475,000 in cash donations in the first seven months of 2012 from only six donors.

Wealthy Minnesotans are funding Gazelka’s campaign. Al Doty’s campaign is funded by individuals and organizations representing working people; the kind of people that make up District 9.

Elect Al Doty. — Jeffrey Everson, Little Falls.